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There’s always something interesting happening in Valley R-VI School District. On this page, we’ll post details about upcoming events, past activities, school awards, and much more—so bookmark this page and check back often!

Kindergartners Show Leadership

Kindergarteners at Valley R-6 Elementary led the leader assembly on Tuesday, May 16. The assembly was about Habit 2: Begin With the End in Mind. The assembly began with the Student Lighthouse Team announcing celebrations of our student and class achievements! Then, the kindergarteners began the assembly with a song, “Begin With the End in Mind.”

Habit 2 teaches students to plan ahead and set goals, look for ways to be a good citizen, do things that have meaning and make a difference, and realize they are an important part of their classroom and contribute to the school's mission and vision. The assembly continued with a slideshow of all the ways Kindergarten use Habit 2. The assembly incorporated every grade level and all staff—Kindergarten invited the 1st graders to a celebration dance on the gym floor—the students had a lot of fun with this!

The assembly then turned into a tribute for Mrs. Woods, the elementary principal who is leaving the district. Her husband, Chris Woods, joined her, which was a total surprise. Students and staff had a bucket for her and placed many colorful drops in her bucket. Second graders sang the song, “We’ve Got a Friend in You” and the 3rd graders had a cheer. The 4th graders shared a giant Thank You banner they had created and the 5th and 6th graders were able to dance to “Uptown Funk”. To end the assembly, all students sang a song, “Farewell My Friend” and everyone got to enjoy cupcakes! The staff also had a few additional sentiments and gifts for Mrs. Woods. The assembly was very moving and tearful. Mrs. Woods is very grateful to everyone and says, “Thank you so much for the keepsakes and the wonderful memories! All of you have a special place in my heart and lots of memories to go along! I am forever grateful to have worked with such amazing people and students!” The Kindergarteners, Mrs. Sadler, and Mrs. Heisel did a terrific job of leading and planning the assembly! They definitely “began with the end in mind.”

4th Graders Raise Money for Playground Equipment

Several 4th graders at Valley R-6 Elementary wanted to make a difference for their school. They noticed that the swing set chains were rusty and needed to be replaced. They decided to raise money by working a concession stand during the elementary home basketball and volleyball games. They needed to raise $300 to meet their goal. They worked hard to make posters for their concession stand and stayed after school to work the concession stand. They also enlisted the help of some older students. They were able to purchase new, coated chains with the money they raised. Valley R-6 Elementary is very proud of these students and their contribution to the school!

Perfect and Excellent Attendance Recognition

Valley R-6 Elementary held their awards assembly Thursday, May 18 at 8:30 a.m. in the dome gymnasium. Students with perfect and excellent attendance were recognized. Students with perfect attendance are students who have not missed any time from school--no tardies and no absences. Students with Excellent Attendance are those students who have missed no more than three days in the school year--Kindergarteners: Hallie Abney, Isabella Boyer, Hayden Francis, and Xavier Snow; 1st Graders: Jack Strother, Chelby Bequette, Lydia Brakefield, Chelsi Glore, Joshua Kearns, and Isabella Palmer; 2nd Graders: Noah Abney, McKaylynn Medley, Hunter Moore, Ashton Pogue, and Keeley Province; 3rd Graders: Emily Glore, Maryssa Martin, Charlize Roth, Cameron Harris, and Eli Nipper; 4th Graders: Perswaya Brooks, Ryan Cole, Walter Strother, Garrett Coleman, Makenna Jenkins, Carlie Loughary, Hannah Martin, Haylee Moore, and Ava Waldrop; 5th Graders: Bethany Bridgeman, James Lands, Jera McClain, Morgan Merlenbach, Kalley Portell, Nikolas Presley, and K.J. Tiefenauer; 6th Graders: Dylan Conner, Cole Kearns, Colby Litton, Jason Maxwell, Brooklyn Pulliam, Cody Roth, Isaiah Thebeau, Ethan Tiefenauer, Benji Daniels, and Cole Woods. 

Students with perfect attendance had their names put into a drawing for a Samsung Tablet and received a certificate, trophy, and a $25 Visa gift card compliments of Belgrade State Bank.

Students with excellent attendance (including students with perfect attendance) had their name put into a drawing for a bike and helmet. Valley R-6 is proud of these students!

Perswaya Brooks, 4th grader, won the Samsung tablet!

Students with Perfect Attendance--Ethan Tiefenauer, 6th Grade; Isaiah Thebeau, 6th Grade, Dylan Conner, 6th Grade; Perswaya Brooks, 4th Grade; Ryan Cole, 4th Grade; Noah Abney, 2nd Grade; Hunter Moore, 2nd Grade; McKaylynn Medley, 2nd Grade; and Haylee Moore, 4th Grade.

Morgan Merlenbach, 5th grader, won the bike drawing!

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